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4" Mini Roller Sleeve Semi Smooth Plus

4" Mini Roller Sleeve Semi Smooth Plus

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Long Pile Mini Rollers

15mm long pile Mini Microfibre Rollers are the longest nap in our mini-roller microfibre range. The surface you’ll be painting determines the nap you will need – the rougher the surface the higher the NAP/Pile. We designed our mini microfibre 15mm NAP/Pile for reaching into the nook and crannies spots when you’re painting. They are great for textured plasterconcrete blocksbricks, and fences or embossed wallpaper. Our 15mm Minis are ready for your toughest painting challenges!

Perfect for water-based paints

Our Recommendation

The key to achieving a satisfying finish is to make sure that the painted surface is prepared well – holes filledsurface well cleaned, and driedAlso, before starting using our rollers, always use water to “rinse & spin before you begin” and you will achieve the best finish right from the start. Besides, the post-painting cleaning process will be much easier too! 


  • Perfect for water-based paints. Recommended for primers and topcoats.
  • Ideal for weatherboardstextured plaster and surfacesbricksfences, and gates.
  • Excellent paint pick-up and release, superior finish, no need to lay off, excellent coverage.
  • NAP/Pile: 15mm | 5/8″
  • Length: 100mm | 4″ 
  • Packs: 3-Packs
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