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Deco Tiles Stencil

Deco Tiles Stencil

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This stencil is completely unique. It has endless possibilites. Use multiple colours on each tile, or colour each tile a different colour. The shape is fantastic and a real nod to the Art Deco period.

Perfect for furniture painting, or choose a larger size for a dramatic bottom border along a wall. 

The self adhesive stencils have a low-tack peel-off backing that eliminates the need for spray adhesive or masking tape. All parts of the stencil are held in place minimising bleeding and resulting in sharper lines. The backing is waterproof so can be cleaned, and once dry will become tacky one again.

Made from durable and reusable 250 micron Mylar and an optional low-tack adhesive backing


  • (A3) 420mm x 297mm
  • (A2)420mm x 594mm
  • (A1) 594mm x 840mm

Please check the sizing picture to determine the correct pattern size.

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